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ACU Army is exactly what it describes: a one-stop shop for soldiers, military gear fanatics, and those obsessed with the latest styles of the U.S. Army. Starting from the home page, ACU Army proudly displays some of the things that make it the tactical website and shop that it advertises itself as:

  • A massive inventory of over 290,000 products including clothing and military gear that covers almost every desire
  • Cheap prices that are comparable or relatively close to what soldiers pay for the same items.
  • Products ranging from standard military specification and regulation clothing to uniform accoutrements and accessories (vital for soldiers), basic issue military gear items at competitive prices (also vital for soldiers), and even "cool guy" gear items like Write In The Rain notepads and miniature knife sharpening stones
ACU Army: What makes it different?

Usually, ACU Army has cheaper gear or a good average price. As the product list above clearly shows, ACU Army is a good value for the non-discretionary military gear consumer, because it offers the best average value. It's also great for the soldier, because it offers a wide range of milspec (standard issue military) products that soldiers can buy and turn right back into their supply sergeant. Lots of other sites have "military style" gear selections that are similar to military products, but ACU Army is chock full of genuine issue.

ACU Army vs. primary competitors (sites similar to ACU Army)

Besides ACU Army, and are two large websites offering competing products. Below is a side by side comparison of the prices of 5 of the exact same products (with detailed explanations if differences occur) that each company offers. The prices will proceed in the order of ACU Army, Tactical Gear, then Ops Gear in the below column from left to right. Size ranges are indicated in parentheses when appropriate (for example, ACU sizes change price after a certain size). Each item has a direct link to the page it is hosted on.

                                                    ACU Army      Tactical Gear       Ops Gear

ACU Coats/Trousers              39.95 (S-XL)    41.99 (S-4XL)         44.99 (S-XL)             *Note: Tactical Gear has more sizes 

ACU G2 Waterproof Parka    89.99 (S-3XL)   249.99 (S-2XL)       79.99-84.99 (S-3XL) *Note: Higher price on Ops Gear for long sizes (S-Long, etc.)

Danner Desert TFX Boot       179.99               159.95                      No Comparison

Medium ALICE Pack               109.99              No Comparison      39.99                           *Note: A.A. pack comes "enhanced" with frame, O.G. without 

1 Quart Canteen                       3.99                  17.99                         12.99                           *Note: A.A. is G.I.; T.G. and O.G. are Blackhawk brand
ACU Army: Product images & screenshots
ACU Army Coupons
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ACU Army: Detailed review

The capstone item of the U.S. Army today is, of course, the ACU (Army Camouflage Uniform), a uniform that is also central to the livelihood of ACU Army. I personally paid as much as $47 and often $40 for a new ACU coat or trousers, but never less than $37. ACU Army advertises its ACU uniforms in standard sizes at $39.95 per coat or trousers. It also offers standard issue summer ACU boots at an unheard-of price of $44.99, which is at least twenty dollars less than I ever saw new boots for sale at military gear stores. These staple items are the most frequently purchased, and it is here that customers are likely to save or lose the most money.

Some key benefits of utilizing ACU Army are:

  • Competitive prices for staple products
  • Wide selection of sizes and styles for all products

ACU Army has drawbacks, too. Some of its gear is dated. The alice pack was first used by the U.S. Army in World War II, and though I carried it in Basic Training in 2006 and a few odd Reserve units are still hanging on to the old pack, it is not the latest and greatest of Army packs. The sleeping bag offered by ACU Army is also an old Olive Drab Intermediate bag, which is a miserably heavy and not remotely portable sleeping bag that went out of issue in the Army at the same time as the Alice pack rucksuck (around 2007).

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Hi I like your review for Military Clothing, Uniforms and Gear Store Review & Coupon. Military clothing is quite very popular in the youth and in great demand these days.

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