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U.S. Calvary has been serving those in uniform for over three decades and have become the most desired resource for institutions seeking reliable support. Homeland security, military personnel and law enforcement agents have come to recognize this establishment for its dedication to offering the most qualified merchandise and satisfactory customer care results. Their expansion efforts have been well received and further inspired them to identify ways to better serve this market. As  a means of meeting their customers right where they are a mail order catalog is shipped to their buyers everywhere they might be stationed. This enables those who have dedicated their lives to serving the country an easier means of acquiring what they need in a timely manner.

U.S. Calvary is always hard at work when it comes to selecting the merchandise that will enhance the quality of their constituents performance. Each brand they stock have aligned themselves with engineering practices that produce comfortable, reliable and fashion appropriate merchandise. They not only guarantee their products, they have been able to do so with the highest level of confidence because they have the experiential foundation backing their capacity to isolate the best in the industry.

U.S. Calvary offers the following category selections:


U.S. Cavalry: What makes it different?

U.S. Calvary has a great respect for their buyers time, and proves this by the features they've employed on their site to ensure an enjoyable and when required speedy experience. One can shop by category, specials, closeouts, and price point parameters. This is not only something that benefits each and every individual; it is also a way to help the armed forces entities as a whole. Whether one is buying for themselves or an entire squad this company has many options that simplify the journey; including a line of credit for anyone that qualifies.

U.S. Calvary's Account Manager' program recognizes each user by keeping track of what they're ordering and the frequency of orders placed. This is a concept that customizes the experience and deters any probable apprehensions away from the buying process. It's just as advantageous as ordering up a care package that speaks directly to the needs of a soldier who is away from home and without the comfort of familiar resources.

U.S. Calvary makes the process easier with the following options:

U.S. Cavalry vs. primary competitors (sites similar to U.S. Cavalry)

U.S. Calvary is joined by US Patriot and Ranger Up for providing uniform attire and accessories for those in the armed forces. All three have an online presence that appeal to those seeking quality items and discounted price advantages. US Patriot is the only of the three that offers Live Chat support which is vastly becoming a feature many buyers prefer. In all, U.S. Calvary offers the greatest selection of merchandise as it covers many categories within the public service and military market.

Ranger Up has been serving those who serve the country with quality merchandise and price advantages that meet the needs of their constituents field of choice. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Police Officers , Firemen, and Coast-guardsmen can all come together and find exactly inspirational wear. They offer a line of T-shirts, caps, bags and other items that can be worn for both casual and athletic purposes. They truly love their country and put their regard for it in their product selection, customer care strategies and by offering their best price points.

US Patriot began in 2000 and was inspired by an incident where the owner found himself faced with poor customer care and a void in being able to acquire the items he needed for his own uniform. A bold move was made when he opened the first US Patriots located out of Fort Jackson SC, and literally up the street from the post that had failed him and so many others with scarce products and non existent customer support. Now there are other storefronts in Fort Stewart GA, Fort Jackson SC and Kings Mountain NC. Everything one could need for both military can be obtained here. However, they do not offer traditional law enforcement clothing.

U.S. Cavalry: Pricing & packages

U.S. Calvary and its competitors all offer uniform merchandise to the Armed Forces for both men and women. Most everyone in this particular line of work has a need for quality T-shirts, so this comparison will focus on this particular item. U.S. Calvary appears to be the most beneficial for this item as they take the physical demands and harsh conditions one might experience as they serve into account. Their T's are available with high quality fibers that have been altered with state-of-the-art technology that protects the body from moisture.

U.S. Calvary:

  • 1 pk Moister resistant T- Shirt $7.99

US Patriot:

  • 3 pk Crew Neck Utility Shirts $29.99

Ranger Up:

  • 1 specialty t shirt with graphic designs $18.00 - $30.00
U.S. Cavalry: Product images & screenshots
U.S. Cavalry Coupons
Get Free Flag Patch on Any Massif Tactical Jacket Order @ U.S. Cavalry
Get 20% Discount on Any Order @ U.S. Cavalry
U.S. Cavalry: Customer reviews & comments

U.S. Calvary claims to provide quality attire and accessories for those that provide specialty services to the US. Apparently their customers stand by their claims as they have had favorable experiences with this establishment and here are the testimonials they've recorded:

" I had a very good experience with those guys. I ordered SWAT oxford shoes from US cavalry and got it on time. The site is very easy to use and prices are quite affordable. I loved the boots! " Read more...

" Great site! Got the referral from nutnfancy from youtube. Glad I checked it out. Great selection, decent shipping prices, and fast delivery. Ordered SERPA molle attachment, shemaugh, and a pair of gloves." Read more...

" I've ordered many times from USCAV and have, overall, been very pleased. I've never had a single problem with any of the USCAV shipments or the items themselves. All NIB and shipped quickly after the order. You are also very quickly notified if something is out of stock and the estimated date that it will ship. Even had a CSR call me directly to offer a substitute item when one I had ordered went out of stock with no replacements coming. Pro-active customer service like that is hard to find. That's why I'll continue to shop with USCAV (at least when good coupons are available!)." Read more...

Best Available U.S. Cavalry Coupon:
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Comments (2)
Buyer beware, this company is wholly incompetent or criminal or both. It is almost impossible to resolve order problems and get refunds, etc.
Placed the order 3/30/15 for $360, containing seven items. The status went immediately to "Back Ordered." I let it sit for a couple of weeks, and contacted them mid-April to inquire about the order's status, which was still listed as "Back Ordered." No response. I wait a few days, send another message. No response. Another few days, another message, this time via email: Get a reply stating the order would be fulfilled within a week as they were awaiting the restocking of an item. Ten days later, still nothing, so I email again. No response. I email a couple of days later; nothing. I emailed later in the week; they deign to answer, apologize for the delay, and assure me the order would be forthcoming very quickly. Another week, another nothing. So, I email again, asking if there is a problem with just one or two items and, if so, to just ship without. Ignored. I email again the next day. They say that the order would ship "by the end of the week." The end of the week comes and goes; order not shipped. I email again. Ignored. Again. Ignored. Again. Response: waiting for an (note: AN, as in ONE) item, due in 5/25. 5/25 comes. 5/25 goes. Nothing. I email again, trying hard to remain civil. Ignored. Email again. Response: THREE items still missing, due to arrive 6/3. I fire off an email in response berating them for the three lies they had by now told me, and just appeal to their sense of decency to be frank with me and tell me what is really going on. Do I even need to recount what happened 6/3? -_- I finally email them 6/4 telling them to cancel my order. Five minutes later(!) they respond confirming my order had been canceled. SUMMARY: They ignored roughly 3/4 of my messages and told me three lies in the 1/4 they bothered to reply to. I have been a customer of U.S. Cavalry for almost ten years, and spent thousands of dollars. They are Incompetent, discourteous, and mendacious. I hope they go out of business because they are not fit for serving human beings entrusting them with their money and military merchandise needs. For those wondering why I bothered with them for more than two months, incurring stress and humiliation, it was because of my longstanding relationship with the company as well as the quality and price of its products. They used to be excellent; it all went downhill as of 2014, and they are worse than useless now. I now shop at Galls or even Amazon. The price might be a few bucks more, but at least my orders get fulfilled quickly and efficiently, and you are neither ignored nor told barefaced lies to.
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Get Free Flag Patch on Any Massif Tactical Jacket Order @ U.S. Cavalry
Get 20% Discount on Any Order @ U.S. Cavalry